Leadership is about inspiring, guiding, and motivating a team toward a common goal. It requires empathy, decisiveness, and adaptability to foster growth, build trust, and achieve success collaboratively.


  • Associate Member

    1. The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement for 2021-2022, Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom (U.K)
  • Country Guilds

    International Federation of agricultural Journalist (IFAJ), FAO recognized Professional organization for agricultural journalist, working in 56 Countries.

  • Member

    International AIDS Society (IAS), Switzerland based world’s largest association of HIV professionals and Activist. Operate in more than 100 Country.

  • Country Member

    Global Youth Parliament. Operate in more than 60 Country.

  • Life Member

    Bangladesh Economic Association (BEA). Highest professional and influential body of Economic Graduate.

  • General Member

    Economic Reporter Forum (ERF), Apex body of journalist who working in the area of Economy and Business

  • General Member

    Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU)

  • ICT Sub Committee Executive Member

    Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU)

  • Life Member

    Khulna Divisional Journalist Association (KDJA)

  • Founder Joint Secretary General

    Greater Jassore Journalist Forum in Dhaka.

  • Founder Member

    Jhenaidah Journalist Association in Dhaka

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